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DIYers love taking on home and garden projects – tightening screws, drilling holes, sawing wood, welding metals. Do these jobs quickly and effectively with high-quality WALTER electric tools! From impact drills and electric planers, angle grinders and polishers to multitools and electric saws – WALTER promises the best quality down to the smallest detail!
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A large selection of WALTER electric tools for every job

Efficiency and high quality at an affordable price

Powerful WALTER electric tools win over DIYers and craftsmen alike with their reliability, durability and long life. Plus, they are very powerful and affordable, too.

These 10 WALTER electric tools are a must in any workshop:

  • Power screwdriver: to tighten or loosen screws 
  • Multitools: combine many functions in just one tool – cut, shave, sand and saw
  • Hammer drill and combi hammer: to chisel and drill holes in concrete, masonry and stone
  • Impact drill: for drilling holes in masonry and concrete with the help of a hammer mechanism and rotating drill head
  • Demo drill and breaker: ideal for demolition work and ripping up concrete surfaces and foundations 
  • Grinder: easily sand surfaces such as wood, plastic and metal
  • Angle grinder: for abrasive cutting of hard materials such as stone and metal
  • Buffers: make any dulled surface shine like new 
  • Tile cutter: to precisely cut wall and floor tiles
  • Welding machine: join metals such as iron, stainless steel or cast iron

Finding the right electric tool

The following questions can help you figure out which tool you need for your home and garden project: 
1.    Which jobs will you be doing? Screwing, drilling, cutting, planing...? 
2.    Do you need additional functions? For example: do you need your tool only for screws, or should it also drill holes in walls?
3.    Which materials are you working with? Wood, steel, masonry or maybe concrete?
4.    What characteristics are important to you? Should your tool be easy-to-use, powerful, offer a variety of uses...?

WALTER tip: DIYers who want to be flexible and work independent of location should take a look at WALTER cordless tools. These battery-operated tools allow you to work even in places without power.

Accessories for WALTER electric tools

Depending on what work you are doing and the tool you need, you can add on functions to individual tools. Various drilling attachments and saw blades allow you to work with a wide variety of materials.

You can never have too many back-up parts and accessories at home, such as sanding discs and sandpaper. Browse our online shop and easily order accessories for your WALTER power tool.

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