Sanders & Grinders

Weathered wood, old paint, stubborn glue or other residue – make surfaces smooth, even and clean again with WALTER sanders and grinders. This is the perfect way to prepare for a fresh coat of paint! From orbital buffers to angle grinders and multi-sanders or bench grinders: WALTER has a wide range of powerful, precise sanders and grinders for your home and garden project!
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WALTER sanders & grinders – suitable for just about any job

Add the finishing touch – for the best price

Does your wooden outdoor furniture need to be repainted? Need to get rid of peeling paint on your fence and touch up glitches in the wood? Grab your sander or grinder for these home and garden projects.

This tool comes in handy when surfaces need to be smoothed or processed, or existing coating needs to be removed. A thorough cleaning of the surface is the best way to ensure a fresh coat of paint not only holds, but also shines.

The perfect abrasive

Choosing the best sandpaper or abrasive is essential for achieving professional results. Different abrasives are used for wood than for metal, for instance. Find a detailed description of which abrasives are suitable for each material in your sander’s user manual.
The type of job determines what number grit you need in a sandpaper. The grit describes how coarse or fine the sandpaper is.

  • The lower the grit number, the coarser the sandpaper. This type is perfect for removing residue.
  • Fine sandpaper has a higher grit number. Choose fine sandpaper for finishing surfaces smoothly.

WALTER tip: Sandpaper wears down over time. Do you have the impression that your sandpaper is losing its grip? Replace it! Only in this way can you be sure you’re getting the best results.

Tips and tricks – how to sand

1.    In order for the abrasive to act on the surface, you have to exert some pressure on the sander during operation. It is best to practise on test pieces before you get down to business. 
2.    Ideally, you should sand your work in several passes. First use a coarse sandpaper, and with each additional pass, a finer grit can be used.
3.    When sanding wood, the direction of the sanding is crucial. For the best results, guide your sander with the direction of the wood grain, never against.
4.    Use large motions to sand or grind larger areas. This ensures an even result.  

WALTER safety tips for sanding

Sanding creates dust and small particles that float through the air. Therefore, always wear safety glasses and a dust mask; even light work gloves are highly recommended.

Accessories for WALTER sanders and grinders

From sanding belts to sanding rollers and grinding wheels – you will find everything you need for your sanding or grinding project in the WALTER online shop. Browse today and have your purchase delivered right to your front door!

WALTER accessories for sanders and grinders