Electric Saws

WALTER electric saws cut through wood, tiles, plastic and many other materials with ease – get great cuts with a low noise level, guaranteed! Powerful hand-held circular and plunge saws effortlessly make straight cuts and mitre cuts up to 45°!
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WALTER electric saws for DIY projects

Precise, powerful and quiet – advantages of electric saws

  • WALTER electric saws enable preliminary work, such as the cutting and shortening of work pieces, as well as precise and artistic woodwork. Also suitable for mitre cuts.
  • The handy steering rails mounted on WALTER saws help you cut and ensure straight lines. The angle of the saw blade can be adjusted between 0° and 45° by means of the mitre angle setting screw.
  • Electric saws shouldn’t be underestimated. They are exhaust-free, quiet and provide the highest performance, protecting the environment and your health.

The proper blade is incredibly important when sawing! Different materials require different blades. Otherwise you could end up with unsightly, ragged edges, damage to the work piece or even to the tool itself. Be sure to always pay attention to the product description!

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What is a plunge saw and how is it used?

WALTER electric plunge saws feature a blade and motor that can be lowered downwards. The blade “dips down”, or “plunges” into the work piece during the sawing process. Circular saws, on the other hand, have a blade and motor that are firmly secured on the steering plate of the tool. Plunge saws are designed for extremely precise cuts, for example when cutting work pieces.

How to use a hand-held circular saw

WALTER hand-held circular saws are excellent for straight, long work pieces made of wood, plastic or metal. For the best results, the piece you are cutting should be positioned on both the left and right of the tool’s guide rail so that the rail lays flat and even.
Pay attention to the following when working with a hand-held circular saw: 

  •     With the saw still switched off, position it so that the saw blade is not touching the work piece. 
  •     Turn on the saw and wait until it has reached full rotation speed.
  •     Make the cut by using a careful but constant forward movement.

Caring for your electric saw

Well-maintained electric saws last a long time. To prevent the blades from dulling and rendering them unusable, it is recommended that you clean the blades thoroughly after every use. Special resin solvents or oven sprays work wonders. Greasing of the saw blades with natural lubricants after cleaning prevents rust and ensures good, long-lasting sawing performance.

WALTER safety tips

Safety first! Always wear protective clothing when working with electric saws. Dust masks, gloves and protective goggles shield you from dust and small splinters created when sawing. Sturdy footwear guarantees secure footing – the foundation for the best working stance.

Accessories for WALTER electric saws

Has your blade become dulled? Or perhaps you do not have the right blade at home? WALTER’s product range includes various types of saw blades – with 24 to 60 teeth and various diameters from 160 to 250 millimetres. We also have convenient affordable sets. Simply add the product you need to your shopping cart and order it online!

Accessories for WALTER electric saws 

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