As a pneumatic tool to help screw or nail, or to inflate tyres or air mattresses: WALTER compressors make working easier – or even possible!
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The perfect WALTER compressor for every project

Air pressure made easy!

WALTER compressors are true power tools. They produce precise, powerful compressed air that can be used in many different ways. Check and adjust your car tyre pressure at home and save a trip to the petrol station. Or, inflate a paddling pool and bike tyres for your summer adventures.

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What is a compressor and how does it work

A compressor compresses gases and vapours inside. This increases pressure whilst at the same time reducing volume. Since air is a mixture of gases, this type of machine is also referred to as an air compressor.

The compressor draws in the air and compresses it into powerful compressed air. This compressed air is measured in litres. The compressed air is temporarily stored in a pressure tank before it is delivered to the connected pneumatic tool. Compressors supply many tools with air – paint sprayers, blow guns, tyre fillers or tools for piling work, for example. Our portable air compressors are also ideal for inflating car or bicycle tyres, balls or air mattresses.

Uses for compressors

  • Compressors are ideal for screwing, stapling, nailing and sanding and are therefore often used with pneumatic tools in workshops or at construction sites.
  • Use a compressor to loosen wheel nuts, inflate tyres or measure air pressure in tyres.
  • They are also great for paint work: compressed air spray guns can help avoid unwanted colour gradients.
  • Compressors are also used in high-pressure prewashing of vehicles or masonry.

WALTER safety tip: Depending on how you use your compressed air, goggles may be recommended to protect your eyes. If a lot of dust is whirled up when working with the compressor, it is also advisable to wear a breathing mask.

Compressor pressure specifications

Many different models of compressors are available for different uses. So it is important to pay attention to the unit’s specifications when buying a compressor. They reveal which compressor is best suited to your needs.

  • Air output in litres per minute: This indicates how much compressed air the device can provide, thereby indicating the performance of the device.
  • Suction capacity in litres per minute: This is the amount of air that is drawn from the unit’s surroundings and compressed.
  • Air consumption in litres per minute: Pneumatic tools consume a certain amount of air. This indicates the amount of compressed air the compressor must deliver per minute in order to operate the tool.
  • Filling capacity or filling volume: This is the amount of compressed air that is pumped into the tank by the compressor.
  • Maximum pressure: This is listed in bar and shows how strongly the air in the tank is compressed.

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