Power Drills

Wood, stone, cement, metal and plastic – drill through any material in a flash with WALTER power drills. From impact drills to hammer drills and combi hammers: WALTER has just the tool you need for your home and garden project. These are perfect for DIYers and anyone who wants to be one!

The perfect WALTER drill for every project

More bang for your buck

Choosing the perfect tool is essential for a successful DIY project. Drilling a hole is actually not as easy as it may seem. Every material requires a special drill and bit. Otherwise you could end up with unsightly edges, or holes that are too deep or too wide. At WALTER, you are sure to find the perfect tool for your project – always at the perfect price!

DIYers reach for electric drills when working with materials such as wood, metal or stone. 500 powerful watts can even bore through concrete. WALTER’s hammer drill and combi hammer are well suited to tough steel and concrete work. 1500 watts of raw power conquer any challenge – quickly and easily! 

Power drills that amaze!

DIYers and craftsmen – listen up! Are you looking for drills that pack a real punch? Then the compact drills from WALTER are exactly what you need for your tool chest! They are not only versatile, but also have many other benefits to offer:

  • Easy to use: Thanks to WALTER power drills’ simple handling and compact and practical design, each DIY project will be a success. Look forward to user comfort and maximum performance. 
  • Quality-tested safety: All WALTER power drills undergo thorough and frequent inspection by testing institutes. You can be sure you are getting a high-quality product.
  • The best value for money: When you buy WALTER tools, you get the best quality at unbeatable prices! Buy your cordless drill online or visit our outlet in Salzburg. 

Accessories for your WALTER cordless drill

Do you need additional drill bits for your power drill or other accessories for your DIY project? Our drill bits are available in sets or as individual pieces and come in different shapes, sizes and for different materials.

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WALTER tip: how to drill a hole

No matter if you are drilling in your apartment, house or garden, follow our quick guide to drilling the perfect hole – in just 5 steps.

Step 1: Choose your power drill and bit

Your drill and bit should be chosen to match the material you are working with. When classic cordless tools reach their limits, reach for an electric drill. Powerful impact drills with 910 watts, for instance, are ideal for harder materials such as concrete or natural stone. We recommend using WALTER’s masonry drill bit.

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Step 2: Check and mark where you want to drill

Check the location of the hole you want to drill ahead of time. Wires and water pipes may run behind walls and ceilings. Our tip: cable detectors can help easily locate such wires and pipes.

Mark the place you want to drill using a pencil. It should be big enough to easily find later, but small enough to avoid leaving unsightly marks.

Step 3: Measure the hole depth

You don’t want to accidentally drill into the next room! But we have a simple trick to help avoid this: Measure the length of your screw and mark its length on the drill with a pencil or tape.

Power drills from WALTER make it even easier: Thanks to the automatic depth gauge measurement, the drill stops automatically as soon as the desired drilling depth has been reached.

Step 4: Drill safely

A stable stance – ideally directly facing the wall – is extremely important for safe drilling. Hold the drill at a right angle to the mark you’ve made on the wall and drill with steady, even pressure. For longer drilling work, allow the drill to cool slightly every 10-15 seconds. Use safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying chips and dust.

Step 5: Clean your power drill after every use

Drilling creates small chips and even fine, stubborn dust that gradually settles in the drill’s casing. Therefore, it is extremely important to thoroughly clean your drill after each use, ensuring your WALTER cordless drill is ready to use at any time.