WALTER’s compact welders weld all types of metal – iron, steel, stainless steel and cast iron, for instance – in a flash. From inert gas welders to TIG welders and flux-cored welders: WALTER has the perfect welder and accessories for every need. DIYers can rely on the high quality they will find in WALTER welders!

The perfect WALTER welder for every handyman project

High-quality welding machines at the best prices

WALTER welders help join components easily. Different materials require different welding techniques to avoid unsightly seams and oxidation. The compact WALTER welders offer support for every welding project and boast great value for money! 

What is welding and how does a welder work?

Welding, also known as joining technology, permanently joins two or more components. Heat or pressure is applied to create the permanent bond. Depending on the welding process, welding filler materials such as inert gases, flux, a vacuum or pastes are used.

What kinds of welders are there?

There are many types of welder available – with or without gas or arc, for example. Each welder is suited to fulfil different requirements:

Arc welding devices
Arc welders are especially popular among DIYers as they are universal. A welding transformer serves as the source of electricity. During the welding process, a rod electrode generates an arc between the work piece and the electrode holder: the work piece melts at the welding point. The slow burning of the rod electrode releases the additive that joins the components. The gas released simultaneously protects the weld against air bubbles, thus helping to prevent oxidation.

Arc welders are perfect for working outdoors – even in the rain – and can be used on unalloyed steel. Due to the toxic vapours produced during welding, you should always be sure to have a sufficient supply of fresh air – ideally in a garden or outdoors! 

Inert gas welders
Depending on the technology, inert gas welders use either active gas (CO2 or a CO2-argon mix) or an inert gas (typically pure argon) to join metals. Whilst MAG welding is suitable for unalloyed steel, MIG welding is perfect for non-ferrous metals.

In both welding techniques, an arc generates energy between the work piece and the wire electrode – the difference lies only in the two types of gas and their applications. During the welding process, a melting welding wire is continuously applied. The gas used protects the metal from oxidation – the weld seam is thereby not affected.
TIG welding machines
“TIG welding” stands for tungsten inert gas welding. This technique also falls under inert gas welding processes. The tungsten electrode does not melt during the welding process and the work piece is melted with pinpoint accuracy. The weld material is fed by hand. Iron, steel, stainless steel and nickel-based alloys can be welded using this convenient technique.

WALTER inverter welding equipment combines TIG and electrode welding technologies. With TIG technology, the electrode does not melt. In electrode welding, the coated electrode melts. This technique requires no gas and is often used for welding iron, steel, cast steel and stainless steel. In addition, the welding current can be adjusted as needed.

The advantage for this type of welding equipment is that hardly any spatter or smoke is created during the welding process. In addition, almost all materials can be welded using this technique.

What type of welder is right for me?

We recommend MAG welders for DIYers. These allow you to weld unalloyed steel cleanly and easily. However, the choice of the right welding equipment depends heavily on how you will use it. MIG and MAG welders are very easy to use and universal. Electric handsets are ideal for a variety of materials and hard to reach places.

Accessories for WALTER welders

In the WALTER online shop you will find not only a variety of welders, but the opportunity to order accessories, too. Our best sellers include flux-cored welding coils for your welding machine – simply add to your shopping cart and order at an unbeatable price!

Accessories for WALTER welders