Tile Cutter

WALTER tile cutters offer precise, effortless, clean cuts for all types of tiles, from mosaic tiles to wall and floor tiles. Are you renovating your bathroom? Time to replace your old tiles with something more modern? This is where compact WALTER tile cutters come in. They make flexible working a breeze – without leaving a lot of dust and dirt behind!
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The perfect WALTER tile cutter for every type of tile

Precise, clean cuts

Accurately cutting a tile seems easy at first. But each tile requires the use of a suitable tool to create a clean cut. If the chosen tile cutter is unsuitable, the tile may even break. So it’s a good thing that WALTER has the right tile cutter at the best price for every size and every material of tile!

WALTER electric tile cutters are not only easy to use, they are also compact. They produce effortless cuts, both straight and at an angle – perfect for people taking on DIY projects!

How does a tile cutter work?

Before you can use your tile cutter, use a pencil to mark the exact point the tile should break. Measure the length with a ruler or tape measure, and transfer the measurement to the tile. Alternatively, the stop angle on the tile cutter’s work surface can be aligned to a measuring scale and the dimensions set. 

With WALTER electric tile cutters, a diamond blade cuts through the tile. A guide rail guarantees even and precise results. The cutting wheel is cooled with water to prevent overheating.

Advantages of electric tile cutters

Convenient and efficient, WALTER electric tile cutters have many benefits:

  • All functions can be set at the push of a button. 
  • The workspace can swivel, allowing precise cuts.
  • Thanks to the angular stop, tiles can be cut either lengthwise or diagonally. 
  • The most important element of a tile cutter is its blade. It first scores the tile, then splits it.
  • Diamond blades are not only very stable, but also incredibly precise. 
  • The integrated guide rail produces accurate results. 
  • The cooling of the cutting wheel with water causes hardly any dust and dirt to be stirred up.

Which tile cutter is right for me?

There are many decisive factors in choosing the right tile cutter: the size, thickness and material of tile, for example. Before you purchase a tile cutter, consider which type of tile you will be cutting.

Tile cutter accessories

Is the diamond blade of your WALTER tile cutter worn out? Order a new diamond blade easily in the WALTER online shop. Look forward to more precise, clean cuts!

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