Car Tools

WALTER offers a versatile and constantly growing range of different automotive tools. The assortment ranges from hydraulic trolley car jacks, cordless impact driver to jump starters and battery chargers. With WALTER's high-quality tools, minor repairs or wheel changes can be carried out particularly easy. There are also a number of other articles, such as the WALTER wheel and rim tree, which make keeping things tidy even easier.
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Car tools

Car chargers

The wide range of car battery chargers and car jump starters is not only relevant for towing services, it can also be very helpful in private households. For example, if you have a summer and winter car, or a classic car that is only driven in good weather or other special occasions. Even if you are on holiday for a longer period of time or use your car only rarely, the battery can quickly give up or has not enough power to start the car. 
In this case, car jump start devices are particularly useful. This saves long waits for the garage service and is also much safer than a jumper cable. A jumper cable may be just as effective, but it increases the risk of a short circuit if something is not connected correctly or something similar. This can then lead to expensive damage to both cars!
If a car is not driven for a long time, the battery can be discharged after a few weeks. If such a thing is foreseeable, it is worth to buy a battery charger and plug it in, so the battery is always charged and ready for every drive. In addition, the battery is additionally protected and the life span is increased. Because by completely discharging the car battery, cells can die and the capacity is reduced, which means that in future it will be discharged even faster. 

Note: If you have not driven the car for a long time and it is already difficult to start it, we recommend a distance of about 100 kilometres in which the battery can be fully charged again and is fully operational again the next time you start driving.

The complete package

WALTER offers the complete package for efficient and easy wheel change!

First of all, a stable jack is needed, there are two different jacks in the WALTER range, either the hydraulic trolley car jack 2t or the compact car jack 5t
The difference: A hydraulic trolley car jack can not only lift the car without any problems, but can also be moved carefully within a workshop, provided that the gear has been taken out and the car has been jacked up in the right place (Attention: Always take the logbook and read it carefully!). This is useful if one or more wheels lock. A compact car jack, on the other hand, has more compact dimensions and can lift more weight at once. 

After the car has been jacked up on one wheel, it is recommended to place an axle support under the car to secure it. 

Now that everything is secured and jacked up, you can start working with the WALTER cordless impact driver. Just put on the right nut for the right wheel bolt and off you go! 

Now that you have changed all the tyres without any problems, they have to be stowed away so that no dangerous standing damage or similar occurs. WALTER offers a flexible and clever solution for this as well - the WALTER rim tree. Up to four rims including tyres in different dimensions can be stowed on it in your own garage, space-saving and above all protected from damage. 

For further tips and tricks, please read our topic world "Tyre change done right!".