Pneumatic Tools

WALTER pneumatic tools are light, quiet and work efficiently! Perfect for interior construction, your workshop or inflating tyres – pneumatic tools offer the best alternative to electric tools. From impact wrenches to needle scalers – WALTER has just the tool you’re looking for to complete your home improvement project.

WALTER pneumatic tools – perfect for DIY projects

Convenience thanks to compressed air

Pneumatic tools are operated with compressed air, so an air compressor is a prerequisite for any project involving such tools. The compressor pumps compressed air into the tool, allowing for great performance. 

Low in weight and easy to use, WALTER pneumatic tools require little physical effort to use. 

Advantages of pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools feature simple design with no sensitive electronic hardware – making them less prone to breakdowns. They are often even more compact and durable than power tools, and are ideal for doing work overhead. Another advantage: compressed air tools are more affordable since they have no electronic or hydraulic parts.

To put it simply: pneumatic tools are ...

  • easy to care for, durable and long-lasting
  • reliable and not prone to breakdowns
  • powerful 
  • light and compact 
  • economical


Oily air for a longer service life

A number of rotating pneumatic tools require oily air for lubrication. An interposed pneumatic oiler automatically mixes small amounts of oil into the output air. This is particularly important for ensuring the longest possible service life of the pneumatic tool.

WALTER compressors for pneumatic tools

Working with pneumatic tools requires an air compressor that condenses air and provides an even supply. A compressor creates powerful compressed air that allows the tool to operate.

The size of the compressor boiler is crucial and should be tuned to the tool and how it is being used. A low-volume boiler needs to restart quickly to maintain pressure. If the volume of the boiler is too large, the compressor needs to run for a long time ahead of use in order to build up sufficient pressure in the boiler.
WALTER air compressors 


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