A practical tool for a construction site or your own home. The water level ensures that all alignments are correct. If you find the perfect level, you can order the product at WALTER online shop with a credit card, PayPal or Sofort Überweisung. The delivery is fast and reliable.
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Spirit, bubble or water level?

Ultimately all types of levels have only one purpose -  to determine the horizontal and vertical alignment. These products consist of plastic or metal and a different number of vials. The vial is a glass or plastic tube-shaped vessel that contains specific liquid and an air bubble. It is necessary for a level’s precision, use and overall quality.

Top-buying criteria for a spirit level

After deciding on the type of level you would like to purchase please take the following criteria into consideration:

  1. material: plastic, aluminium or other light metal - The resistance of the material is the most important indicator for the perfect choice.
  2. length: WALTER offers different levels of different lengths starting from small from approximately 23 cm to a medium-length about 62 cm.
  3. amount and positioning of the vial: the majority of levels have one vertical and one horizontal vial. The WALTER spirit levels have one additional universal vial.

The quality of individual elements ensures an overall high-quality water level that will make a lifespan of a product longer even in rough working conditions. All of this will ensure that the spirit level will be a reliable and precise measuring tool for years to come.