Gas powered tools

Whether warming up, flaming, soldering or removing weeds - the WALTER range of gas tools has the right tool for almost any purpose. In the garden or on the construction site, the high-quality devices from WALTER are flexible and versatile in all areas and very practical as well. Order your the right tool straight away!

Best devices for your home or workshop

WALTER offers a wide range of diffrent gas tools

  • Soldering: Whether you want to solder fine parts or repair your gutter. The versatile range of WALTER tools provides the right tool for many purposes. The Turbo soldering kit, for example, is supplied with a variety of attachments and can reach temperatures of up to 2000 ° C.

    But how do you find the right temperature for soldering?
    At first, you need to know the melting temperature of your solder and find out the working temperature of your flux.
    Then you have to choose the temperature slightly higher than the melting temperature of the solder, because the different materials and the solder themselves are very good heat conductors. Higher temperatures prevent energy from being wasted on your workpiece! Attention: It must be noted that the temperature is not too high, it must not be above the maximum effective temperature of your flux. In order to prevent evaporation of the solder, however, the temperature must not be too far above the melting temperature of the solder.
  • Universal burners: Universal burners work with a gas cartridge. They are particularly well suited for home use and smaller areas. Their flame is smaller and does not get as hot as a professional heating torch.
    The advantage: they are smaller, lighter and more handy. Furthermore, they are easier to stow, but still perfectly adequate for the DIY sector - powerful and flexible.
    Their scope of application: They can be used for weed burning, thawing of frozen pipes, as a grill lighter or even for the refinement of pallet furniture!

All suitable gas catridges are available in the WALTER Online Shop!

  • Heating torches: The professional heating torches are operated with propane gas cylinders. By processing brass parts, they can withstand temperatures of more than 1000 ° C. Furthermore, the use of gas-carrying parts made of brass ensures a long service life of the device!
    The application spectrum is large, with a professional heating torch from WALTER you can remove weeds in a very environmentally friendly way. It is also suitable for welding foils, furniture finishing in vintage style, thawing of water pipes, laying and welding of bituminous membranes.
    Most of our devices have an adjustable flame for lower consumption and more accurate results. In addition, almost all WALTER heating torches are delivered with a suitable hose and regulator.

Quality control

WALTER Werkzeuge offers top quality at a cheap price! Our products meet the highest safety standards and benefit from high-quality materials. For example, for most products, the gas-carrying parts are made of brass, so that the devices has a high life expectancy and you enjoy your WALTER product for a long time!