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Plentiful supply on security equipment at WALTER

The focal point of security technology is the protection of humans and your property. For that reason, there is a wide variety of technical devices.

Important information for motion sensor

motion detector is a product that recognize movement of objects as well as human motion. The most important benefits of this product are lighting control, presence detector and protection from burglary. In case of the latter an automatically audible signal will be activated by motion detection in a specific area to prevent a break-in.
The angle and the range is an important aspect to know which area will be covered. Another advantage of these product is the easy installation due to adhesive strips.

advisable protection against burglary

A TV simulator is an electronic product for simulation the flicker patterns of a turned-on television in order to deter potential burglar. Due to its economic consumption, you can have your TV simulator turned on even during your vacation.