Jump Starters

Has this ever happened to you? You want to start your car and – nothing. How aggravating! Especially when your much-anticipated holiday is just around the corner... Get your car up and running again in no time with WALTER jump starters. Whether you’re in need of a car battery charger with jump start function or a jump starter with built-in compressor – you will find plenty of different models in the WALTER online shop. Easy to use and suitable for every car!

WALTER jump starters for vehicles

A much-needed jolt for your car

A lot is asked of your car battery when it’s cold outside or your car hasn’t been started for a while. It can even suffer if you forget to turn off the car radio or lights. Once it has packed up, the only thing that can help is a jump start.
WALTER jump starters with battery charging function are compact and can be used almost anywhere. They feature their own voltage source and provide the necessary energy to start all kinds of vehicles in a pinch.
Our TÜV-tested car battery charging devices with jump start function provide much needed assistance when your battery runs out of steam! 

How do jump starters work?

Combustion engines are started by means of a starting device. The engine requires an ignition process before it can really start up. The energy needed for this process is provided by the car battery and essentially depends on the power available. An empty or low battery can be completely exhausted in just a few seconds – making it impossible to start the engine.

Jump starters act as a booster and provide the engine with the power it needs. WALTER car battery chargers with jump start function recharge your car battery. And just like that, a relaxing journey to your holiday home can begin!

WALTER instructions – how to use a jump starter

Jump starters come equipped with two jump leads – one red and one black – with clamps attached to the ends. Attach the red cable to the positive terminal (marked with +) of the battery, and the black to the negative terminal (marked with -).
Get your car up and running again in just three steps:
Step 1: Attach the leads to the starter battery in the car’s engine compartment and make sure they don’t touch while doing so. No one else should handle the leads or the battery while you jump start your car! 
Step 2: Turn on your WALTER jump starter and try to start your car. Wait about one minute between start attempts. 
Step 3: Did your car start? Great, but do not turn it off immediately! The battery must first recharge. This works best by driving a couple of kilometres – ideally without any pit stops. Driving on the motorway or main roads is best for this.

Please note the following when using a jump starter:

  • Put the car into neutral gear; put automatic cars in “P” (parking) or “N” (neutral)
  • Apply the parking brake
  • Never switch the poles – this can damage the car’s electronic system 
  • Take care! Poorly insulated jump leads create the risk of electric shock! 

Detailed instructions are delivered with every WALTER jump starter.

Accessories for WALTER jump starters

Selected WALTER car battery chargers feature a jump start function, a 12 V connection and USB ports, making them ideal for charging smartphones, tablets or other cordless devices. With an integrated compressor with compressed air hose and various valves, you can even inflate tyres, air mattresses or inflatable boats. WALTER jump starters are incredibly versatile – real all-rounders in fact!

Buy your jump starter online

Would you like to be able to start your car no matter what happens? With the compact portable WALTER jump starters, you will enjoy flexibility and independence! Simply choose the most suitable jump starter in our online shop and have it delivered right to your home.