Pipe cleaning & pipe processing

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Pipe processing and pipe cleaning

Useful tools for household and workshop

WALTER offers a wide range of tools for pipe processing and pipe cleaning:

  • Pipe cutter: A pipe cutter consists of two rolls, a cutter girl and a C-shaped carrier. The two rollers are mounted on two sides of the carrier. The distance between them is reduced by means of a threaded spindle.
    The tube is placed in the open tool so that the cutting wheel can be pressed against the tube with the threaded spindle. If you rotate the tub ecutter now radially, a notch is created. From now on, turn it until the pipe is disconnected.
    The WALTER pipe cutters can be used for both: metal and plastic pipes.
  • Socket welding device: The practical socket welding devices facilitate the laying of water pipes immensely. What used to be unthinkable without suitable training, is a child's play today. Socket welding devices allow the welding of thermoplastic or polypropylene pipes.
    First, the appropriate attachment for the pipe to be machined must be selected. In the next step, it must be screwed to the device and the device heated. Now attach the matching tube to the device and a sleeve on the other side until both sides are hot enough. Then remove the two parts and put them together.
  • Pipe cleaning: WALTER Werkzeuge has a large assortment of different pipe cleaning devices. One differentiates here between two superordinated groups. The pipe cleaning spirals and high pressure air cleaners.
    The high pressure air cleaners work with pressure. The pressure is pre-pumped before fitting to the drain in the device, then the device is placed with the appropriate attachment on the drain. The device generates a negative pressure at the head pressure, which thus releases the blockage.
    Pipe cleaning spirals have a flexible, yet hard metal spiral which can solve the pollution by simply stinging and thrusting.

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