A cherished watch, heirloom, cash or jewellery – when stored in a WALTER safe, you know your valuables are protected and secure. Safes with 4, 8 or 16 litres’ capacity, electronic keypad or digital locks – WALTER has the perfect residential safe for your home! Our safes are ideal for everyone who wants the confidence that they are storing their treasures, both large and small, in safety.

WALTER safes – for the secure storage of valuables

Top-quality safes at excellent prices

Awarded the WALTER SECURITY Seal, these safes epitomise security and reliability – all at great prices. Our selection of safes features various models to meet every need.

Would you like to protect your jewellery, documents, cash, bonds or savings books safely from theft in your own home or office? And do so discreetly and subtly? WALTER safes are the perfect choice for you! With their space-saving, compact design, our safes are perfect for every home or office.

WALTER furniture safes – benefits

WALTER safes are compact, space-saving and absolutely secure! Our furniture safes are among our most popular models. These safes are perfect for private use. Built into cabinets, desks or dressers, they become practically invisible.

Another advantage of these compact residential safes is that they don’t take up any additional room – perfect for smaller spaces. Firmly installed into a piece of furniture, these safes cannot be moved without real effort.

Important: All security containers under 1000 kg must be anchored. 

Installing furniture safes

To make sure you find the perfect safe for your needs, you should first think about what you want to store and where the safe will be kept.
Dimensions of various WALTER safes are listed in millimetres. The necessary installation equipment such as screws and wall plugs comes included with your delivery. We don’t leave anything up to chance – you will find detailed installation instructions in the safe’s manual.

Missing a tool needed to install your safe? Order it from the WALTER online shop!

See our cordless drills and screwdrivers

Safes with electronic keypads or digital locks

WALTER furniture safes are available in various designs, and with electronic or digital keypad locks. Each safe comes equipped with a double bolted security lock for even greater protection!

The keypad is locked using a three to eight-digit code you can choose yourself. After entering the correct code, the lock opens automatically. The lock’s mechanism is battery-powered. The display on the lock indicates in good time that batteries need to be replaced as they start losing power.

What happens if you forget your combination? The safe is delivered with an emergency key that helps you easily unlock your safe.

Buy safes online and have them delivered right to your home

WALTER safes are reliable, space-saving and boast the highest level of quality. Put your trust in us and order your safe online today!