Whether you want to store fuel for emergencies at home or need it for your emergency generator - with the practical fuel & petrol canisters from WALTER you are always equipped. The robust metal containers are available in different sizes with practical funnels.

5 l, 10 l or 20 l Petrol Can

Whether in 5 l, 10 l or 20 l canisters - with the fuel canisters by WALTER you can safely store your gasoline and diesel at home.

Is a plastic or metal canister the better choice?

  • Plastic canister
    • Lighter
    • Cheaper
    • Less impact resistant, storage more difficult
    • Shorter storage time (air sealing cannot be guaranteed)
  • Metal canisters
    • Heavier
    • More stable due to material
    • Shock resistant, easier to store
    • Airtight & safer: Fuel can be stored for up to ten years