Measuring Tools

The success of your home improvement project depends on precise measurements. WALTER measuring tools help DIYers take exact measurements for their renovation and repair projects. Turn to WALTER for a wide selection of measuring tools and equipment including callipers, laser distance measures, thermal imaging cameras and levels.

WALTER measuring equipment for precise results

The perfect measuring tool for every job

Is that picture really level? How many square metres of flooring do you need to order for your living room? Does the countertop fit in your new kitchen? These questions are all easily answered with the right measuring tool.

From decorating your new flat and hanging photos and shelves to purchasing new furniture – the rule of thumb is always: “Measure twice!”

What types of measuring tools and equipment are there?

Precise measuring tools are just as essential for small DIY projects as they are for large-scale renovations. The selection of WALTER tools includes the perfect measuring equipment for your job. Turn any project into a great success!

  • Callipers: These precise measuring tools from WALTER make it easy to determine the external and internal dimensions and diameters of work pieces. Thanks to the movable arm and the variety of uses, it is one of the most widely used measuring tools.
  • Laser distance measure: WALTER distance measures allow you to quickly measure distances down to the millimetre – even for large distances – at the push of a button. Laser distance measures are especially useful for hard-to-reach objects or distances; for example, when measuring a room height.
  • Spirit levels: Levels are crucial when it comes to precise construction and assembly work. These devices come in many different versions and are perfectly suited for aligning objects horizontally or vertically. The small, fluid-filled plastic tubes embedded in the tool contain a bubble that makes it easy to check if your object is perfectly straight.
  • Thermal imaging cameras: ROTHENBERGER INDUSTRIAL thermal detectors allow you to precisely measure temperatures in the areas of construction, plumbing, heating and electrics. Thanks to the accurate real-time measurement, you can detect hidden thermal bridges or explore sites where mould could potentially grow. All the important room condition information can be determined at the press of a button thanks to thermal imagers.

Buy WALTER measuring tools online

Are you looking to renovate your home, replace your kitchen flooring, hang a new bathroom cabinet or insulate your house? Precise measurements are the be all and end all for any good design. With the affordable WALTER measuring instruments, taking measurements is child’s play. Simply add the right measuring tool to your shopping cart and order!