Infrared heaters winter garden

You want to use your winter garden even on cooler days? No problem, with the infrared heaters from WALTER the cold stays outside. No matter whether as a stand-alone unit, ceiling or wall heater - simply generate the heat where you need it.

Why are infrared radiant heaters particularly suitable for winter gardens?

As soon as the summer comes to an end and the days become shorter again, temperature fluctuations in winter gardens are not uncommon. If you want to continue using these indoor spaces and not freeze, you need an additional source of heat. Infrared radiant heaters are the ideal choice for this purpose, because pleasant warmth is immediately available at the touch of a button. Depending on your needs, you can easily and quickly regulate the temperature and keep the cold out.

Similar to the sun's rays, infrared heaters heat a specific area purely by radiating heat. They are characterized by the fact that they generate an even heat in the entire target area. In this way, they create a pleasant indoor climate.

Advantages at a glance

Infrared heaters for winter gardens offer a number of advantages compared to other types of heating:

Quick heat: infrared heaters produce instant heat without long warm-up times. This makes them ideal for rapidly bringing the winter garden to a comfortable temperature.

Various models: Infrared radiators are available in a variety of models, including wall, floor, and ceiling versions. This allows you to choose the right model for your outdoor space and your specific needs.

Easy control: the operation of infrared heaters is extremely simple. You can use a remote control to operate them, or you can control them directly on the device itself, which ensures convenience and ease of use.

Easy installation: installation of infrared heaters is usually straightforward, especially thanks to the convenient brackets and installation instructions that come with them.

No fire hazard: Compared to traditional heating systems that use open flames or hot surfaces, infrared heaters do not pose a fire hazard. They selectively provide heat to without generating high temperatures on the heating elements themselves.

Low energy consumption due to direct irradiation: Infrared heaters work with direct irradiation of infrared heat, which leads to efficient energy consumption. This allows you to save energy and money because the heat is generated exactly where it is needed.

How do I choose the right heater?

Choosing the right infrared heater for your winter garden requires some consideration. Start by taking into account the size of your outdoor space. If it is a larger area, multiple infrared heaters may be required. A general rule of thumb recommends about 60 to 100 watts per square meter of space.

Another important consideration is the mounting option you choose. Decide whether you want to place the heater on the wall, ceiling, or floor, depending on your room design and preferences. Check if the radiator offers different heat levels to flexibly adjust the heat and save energy.

Safety features like overheat protection and automatic shut-off are just as crucial, especially in households with children or pets. These factors should all be considered in order to choose the best heating solution for your outdoor area.

Safety features

Infrared heaters usually have certain safety features that ensure proper use. One important safety characteristic is the IP55 certification, which confirms that the device is protected from small dust particles and spraying water. This is especially important in humid environments or when the heater isused outdoors.

Another key safety characteristic is the spray-water protection. It ensures safe operation of the heater in the event of rain or accidental splashing when performing tasks such as watering flowers. This prevents potential electrical hazards. Infrared heaters are equipped with overheating protection, which automatically turns off the device when its operating temperature becomes too high. This feature prevents possible fire or damage.


The electricity consumption of an infrared heater depends on several factors, including the model variant and the number of watts. For example, if your infrared heaters have an output of 2000 watts (2 kW), they will consume 2000 watts, or 2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per hour.

To calculate the actual electricity consumption in kWh, multiply the heater wattage (in kW) by the operating time (in hours). For example, if you use the 2000-watt infrared heater for 2 hours:

        Power consumption (kWh) = power (kW) x operating time (h)

        2 kW x 2 h = 4 kWh

In this case, the power consumption is 4 kWh. It is important to note that power consumption directly correlates with operating time. The longer the radiator is in operation, the more electricity is consumed.

What to consider during installation?

With practical brackets and a well thought-out design, the installation of infrared heaters in the winter garden is straightforward. When choosing a place for installation, several factors play a role. The most important question is what area in the winter garden should be heated?

Depending on your needs, an infrared heater can be mounted on the wall or, alternatively, a ceiling heater can be used to heat the winter garden. If you want to mount an infrared heater on the ceiling, you must make sure that the device is suitable for this purpose. When mounting a heater on a glass ceiling, make sure that the glass used is heat-resistant.  

Detailed installation instructions for the infrared radiant heater in the conservatory are included in the user manual, as well as comprehensive information on the optimal use of the radiant heater outdoors.


Because heat is generated quickly and can be easily regulated, infrared heaters are particularly suitable for heating conservatories. When choosing the right device, it is crucial to know which area is to be heated. In addition, the mounting method and safety features are also important selection criteria.

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